About Us

The Fabulous Food Company produce beautifully handcrafted Meringue products, Macaroons, Brownies and Biscuits. They are naturally flavoured, using the highest quality ingredients and sourcing as much locally as possible.

The Fabulous Food Company are proud to hold 9 Great Taste Gold Awards.


The Fabulous Food Company began 5 years ago by Frankie de Vorms as a small cottage industry. She made meringues part-time in a converted garden shed at the bottom of her garden.

The meringues went well and ‘evolved’ into the beautiful shapes and colours that we see now.

While Frankie has had no formal culinary training, she has been able to put her  ‘design’ skills to use, having a background in Fine Arts and Lecturing in Design. She has recently ‘scaled up’ her business by setting up a fully equipped factory on the outskirts of Cambridge. With the extra space and facilities, Frankie is now able to increase her product range.

Frankie is originally from New Zealand and lives in Cambridge with her two daughters.